Roaming the streets, one bite at a time!

Charlotte, NC

(704) 450-5793

Like most Filipino families, we love eating good food. It is an important time for us to come together over a table full of food, whether home-cooked or at any restaurant. It's part of our culture. Thus, we took a leap of faith and started our own food truck and catering business. What better way to name it? You guessed it--"Chibogz". It's a slang term in Filipino which means "to eat".

We are a family-owned and operated food truck serving the flavors of Asian comfort food specializing in Filipino cuisine in the streets of Charlotte and the metro area.  Our menu will truly engage your senses and captivate your palates.  We only use the highest quality and best ingredients we can find to give you a healthy, delicious and tasty treat that will bring you back again and again!


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